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One decision to make your next thousand easier.

We are an independent consultancy of industry-leading data and visualization experts, known as the Actionauts.

01Metric Selection and Validation
02Visual Information Design
03Sales and Marketing Decision Optimization
04Data Literacy and Culture Building

Metric Selection and Validation

What we can measure is no longer the question. See how our team can help you discover, discern and distribute intelligence with clarity.

Visual Information Design

Your data is telling a story. Can you see it? Learn how our design team can enable you to understand your data with just a glance.

Sales and Marketing Decision Optimization

Optimize your growth with analytics and data science. Our scientists help you select, measure and model to achieve your goals.

Data Literacy and Culture Building

Data is the path forward in the new economy. See our framework for building a data literate and data centric organizational culture.

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Action Analytics is amazing and we are grateful every day for their partnership! They created engaging and dynamic visuals that drives our mission for more inclusive computing.
Program Manager in Higher Education
You’ve helped us drive innovation by creating more efficient processes. We are not getting bogged down in churning mounds of data, but rather making sense of the data.
You are skilled at taming and honing the data in ways that allow us to make business decisions that optimize our programs. We are able to make more intelligent, rapid decisions thanks to your work.
One of the most sophisticated financial costing tools I’ve ever seen.
FANG Senior Executive
Asset 25 1

Become an Actionaut

Learn more about the unique opportunity to make your next career move a pivotal one.