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It’s not the data.
It’s what you do with it.

Metric Selection and Validation

Too much information can make it difficult to parse the signals from the noise. Today what we can measure is no longer the question. Today’s challenge is to select which metrics to instrument for better decisions, as immediately and effectively as possible.

New metrics selection and validation is the technique of curating which data is parsed to discover, discern and distribute intelligence with clarity throughout the organization. Very few businesses do this today, and fewer do it well. 


  • Curate Available Data & Instrumentation to Identify Actionable Metrics
  • Document Business Process and Develop Matching KPIs
  • Build “Check Engine Lights” for Business Process & Operation
  • Data Privacy Design

Visual Information Design

The visual system affords direct and high speed access to the largest working system of the human brain. By visualizing data expertly, this direct connection guides attention to salient information ahead of cognition and multiplies the mind’s ability to absorb complex data, and catalyze business action.


  • Wireframing and Storyboard Design
  • Dashboard and Report Development
  • Visual Efficacy of Information Communication
  • Advanced and Bespoke Data Visualization

Sales and Marketing Decision Optimization

Business leaders have burning questions they seek to answer with data. Which campaigns yield the highest ROI? What drove the sales spike in our key market last month? How has pricing affected demand for our service? The problem is not lack of data but synthesizing and arranging it correctly to facilitate understanding and catalyze action. 

At some of the world’s largest companies, we consolidate mountains of relevant data – 3rd party and internal – to create curated data pipelines, and apply data science models to forecast campaign spend outcomes and financial performance. 


  • ROI analysis across multiple campaigns
  • Predicting Demand: Campaign Conversion Rates, Trials and Sales
  • SKU Optimization
  • Sales Team and Territory Performance
  • Pricing Strategies, Pricing Optimization and Bundling
  • Pricing and Sales Competitive Analysis

Data Literacy and Culture Building

Data literacy is the comprehensive ability of an organization’s entire roster of employees to understand and work with data to the degree that is appropriate for their job role.  Action Analytics will help to establish and mature this ubiquitous approach to making use of and talking about data.

Action Analytics’ APTITUDE framework is an eleven point roadmap for building a data literate and data centric organizational culture geared for strategy and analytics deployment at scale. Based upon the strong foundation of the Tableau Blueprint, AA APTITUDE begins with Data Literacy and Culture Building. 


  • Enablement for Large Scale Enterprises
  • Analytics Maturity Blueprint
  • Data Analytics Program Management
  • Data Analytics Program Strategy

Data Foundation

Advanced analytics and data visualization require strong foundations. Building and bolstering an integrated, trusted, and timely data infrastructure is the bedrock on which future reporting and advanced analytics are performed.

A robust data foundation provides the organization with tremendous efficiency and efficacy, both of which are paramount to decision-making.


  • Business Process Workflow Automation
  • Data Cleansing and Integration
  • Integrated Automation with 3rd Party Data Sets
  • Business Unit IT Enablement
  • System & Solutions Performance Tuning
  • Metrics Accuracy and Data Quality
  • Data Governance Solutions

Financial Forecasting

The impeccability of the data that goes into a financial forecast determines whether it is used to make strong, or disastrous strategic decisions. Keeping this data clean and up to date however is a significant challenge for many organizations.

Our multi-functional team, composed of finance analysts, data pipeline engineers, and data scientists can help your business achieve and exceed forecast accuracy targets. We do so by developing a robust and highly-automated process that inputs past actuals and calculates a forecast using repeatable business logic. This results in clean data, clear visualization, and sound decision making.


  • Business and finance acumen
  • Automated extraction of Invoice actual amounts
  • Data modeling and data science capabilities to forecast performance
  • Reporting and visualization know-how to detect gaps, track forecast accuracy, and submit reporting to leadership

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