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A Great Gift to Give for 2024: Save Other People’s Time

Private: Christine Carragee
AuthorPrivate: Christine Carragee

As we think of what we can give each other for the holidays, and we set New Year’s resolutions, the one thing we would all like to get is more time.

Keith Helfrich linked me to The Knowledge Project podcast with startup founder Sahil Lavingia. In episode 98: Observing the Present, Sahil talks about how his favorite people are the ones thoughtful enough to do the small things that respect and conserve his time.

Why Effective Communication Matters:

Learning and investing care and attention to effectively format our communications ensures that the audience member:

  • Understands clearly
  • Saves time
  • Receives our intended communication quickly and easily
  • Values and appreciates our care and attention

How to Communicate Effectively:

  • Apply good visual design principles to format communication
  • Link related items in meeting notes, support tickets, and stored documents
  • Provide context for requests
  • Follow up promptly to build trust
  • Prepare and arrive on time for meetings
  • Stay aware of the impact you have on others

The time-saving commentary is from 35:10 to 37:44

Bonus Gift: Here are 20 Life Tips from Arjun Mahadevan (CEO of doolah). Some of these have a similar intent of gifting time, others money, still others, health, kindness, and more.

Photo by Lucian Alexe on Unsplash