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Thought Leadership

Mental Model: The Tableau Query Process

Gareth Branwyn
AuthorGareth Branwyn

Tableau under the hood. What really happens when you drag and drop pills onto the canvas in Tableau?

In this, the second installment of The Sensemakers’ new “Mental Models” series, Keith and Jonathan pick apart the Tableau query process. This mental model offers a visual illustration of thhis process and provides a useful diagram of that process, from canvas → VizQL → local query cache.

Keith and Jonathan also ask an important and fundamental question: “What is data?” As it turns out, there are two non-overlapping definitions. They also define a third term, “tidy,” and what it means for data to be tidy.

Understanding these two definitions of data, what it means for data to be tidy, and the inner workings of the Tableau query process will give you a deeper, relational understanding of your work in Tableau.