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The Sensemakers

Coming to Grips with Totals in Tableau

Gareth Branwyn
AuthorGareth Branwyn

In this episode of The Sensemaker’s Video Podcast, Action founder and Tableau visionary, Keith Helfrich, makes a stunning admission. He avoids totals, especially grand totals, in Tableau, finding them “opaque and weird.” So, he’s excited to have fellow Actionaut Jonathan Drummey sharing his over-ten-years of experience working with Tableau totals. And we are, too. Follow along as Keith levels up his understanding of these features, and hopefully, you do too.

In this, the first episode in a multi-part series, Jonathan dissects the nitty-gritty of total, grand total, and WINDOW functionalities in Tableau

Jonathan and Keith delve into the software’s out-of-box features, such as adding totals and subtotals, customizing labels and location, ‘Total Using’ for automatic totals like Tableau’s TOTAL() function or other aggregations like Tableau’s WINDOW_ functions.

Jonathan and Keith also discuss the limitations of totals, setting the stage for future episodes which will explore totals in various use cases.