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Enoch Wu

UX Designer

Enoch is a long lost San Francisco Bay Area native who has returned from the Midwest, where he spent over a decade visually telling stories of the human experience and stepping in other people’s shoes. From livestock and food, to criminals, politicians, and now data visualizations, Enoch has seen it all.

Enoch is expansive in his interests which include machine learning, computer vision, autonomous driving, the internet of things, the old/new space race, gamification, board games, diplomacy, foreign policy, IKEA furniture building, singing, and fiddle playing.

“If we want users to like our software, we should design it to behave like a likable person: respectful, generous and helpful.” — Alan Cooper, Software Designer and Programmer


UX Designer

Action Analytics

April, 2022 → Present

- Working with stakeholders to conceptualize bespoke experiences for enterprise dashboards.
- Providing best UX practices for implementations within Tableau.

UX Designer

Apple (Contract)

April 2019 → October 2021

- Worked with stakeholders to conceptualize business intelligence dashboards, MacOS applications, and web applications.
- Lead front-end efforts to create web-based case management systems


Bowling Green Sentinel Tribune

October 2009 → October 2016

- Interviewed and photographed people, events, sports, food and livestock on a daily basis.
- Formed archival systems and streamlined metadata entry efforts.

Visual Information Design

Data Analytics Strategy and Execution

Identifying information hierarchies in addition to relationships between visual elements, and organizing elements to fit client needs in addition to providing a good user experience

Design Systems

Building systems for design, that Allow for streamlined processes and methodologies for design tasks.

UX Engineering

Engaging in frontend engineering and consultation where necessary.



B.S. Visual Communication Technology




Design Systems Management




UX Research




Front-End Web Development


Social Network Analysis of Tableau Conference Twitter Activity

Enoch is a testament to why career-changers make such outstanding UX designers: His skills in photography and software engineering reveal themselves through the beauty and logic of his designs. The product team who hires Enoch will be pleasantly surprised to find they increased their talent far beyond their initial investment.
Imani Joy MaiaProduct Design, DoorDash
Enoch is not only a truly gifted photographer with a genuinely passionate outlook, he is one of those rare people whose skill set bridges many different areas with no lack of depth. Enoch is always on the cutting edge of technology and harnesses that knowledge to perform the best he can. His multidisciplinary background means he excels in any situation he is presented with, and this makes him a great person to collaborate with on projects and ideas.
Aaron CarpenterSenior Instructional Designer, The Ohio State University

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