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Sharon Resheff

Analytics Strategist

Sharon Resheff is an analyst that helps business executives make informed, real time decisions using insights from their data. Sharon’s professional upbringing in Fortune 100 companies like Procter & Gamble, SanDisk, PwC, and Apple positions her to be able to quickly understand the needs of business leaders who are trying to grow revenue, market share, or optimize their spending. She considers herself a revolutionized analyst - one that combines technical and subject matter know-how with an understanding of what drives value for her stakeholders. Possessing both left-brain analytical prowess and right-brain artistic aspirations, Sharon delivers rigorous functional services infused with her creativity. Sharon is energized by visiting museums, exploring sculpture gardens, theater, and fine works of fiction.

"Advanced data analytics is a means to an end. Used correctly, it can help identify choices and actions that increase value for the organization."


Managing Consultant

Action Analytics

2018 - Present

Sharon manages a multi-functional team of designers, data scientists, analysts, and data visualization developers who help clients make sense of their data.

Analytics Consultant

Apple Services

2018 - Present

Sharon helps Marketing teams make real-time campaign program decisions by connecting teams to their business data. One client team generated an increase of 133% in budget as a result of the data insights driven by the dashboards Sharon’s team created for them.


Data Analysis and Visualization

– Lead strategic analysis and provide recommendations for solving complex problems.
– Multi-functional collaboration, to provide holistic points of view on subject matter data.
– Work with disparate data sources and systems to derive insights and communicate those insights in a way stakeholders understand.
– Use data visualization best practices and cutting edge software solutions to distribute data across the organization efficiently.

Pricing and Financial Strategy

– Pricing strategy/structure/model development.
– Discount and promotion management.
– Financial forecasting and planning.
– Strong grasp of finance and accounting principles and a deep analytical background.


Tel Aviv University

MSc Finance

Haifa University

BA, Economics and Business Administration


Alteryx Designer


Tableau Desktop and Prep




Analytical Problem Solving


Marketing Performance Measurement


Financial Forecasting and Pricing


Relationship Building for Collaboration


Business Accumen


CEOs, are you paying attention to your data analysts?

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"You’ve helped us drive innovation by creating more efficient processes. We are not getting bogged down in churning mounds of data, but rather making sense of the data."
NDA Client
"You are skilled at taming and honing the data in ways that allow us to make business decisions that optimize our programs. We are able to make more intelligent, rapid decisions thanks to your work."
NDA Client
"Working with you was a unique vendor experience. You immerse yourself in our business and act like one of us. You do not need to be told what to do - you hit the ground running!"
NDA Client
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