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Shaun Davis

Analytics Strategist

Curiosity and compassion have driven Shaun Davis to develop innovative solutions throughout his career.
His curiosity has led him to develop bespoke data products for some of the most recognizable brands in the world. The simple question of "Why did sales increase this month?" leads to connections that have transformed businesses. This curiosity is paired with deep expertise in data and design that results in products tailored to clearly answer the question.

"Data is our reckoning with reality. I create products that tell the story of your organization, create value and help you confidently make decisions."


Managing Consultant

Action Analytics

2021 - Present

Shaun is the Managing Consultant for Action Analytics, leading sales and recruiting for the Actionauts. He mentors and enables them with exceptional processes and systems.

Data Visualization

Apple Services Marketing

2021 - Present

Shaun develops bespoke visualizations that enable the entire Services marketing team to drive growth in their function and across Apple. In this engagement, he has overhauled their visual analytics brand to match their high design expectations. Shaun deployed comprehensive solutions to drive transformative change in their business with Tableau and Alteryx.


Therefore Data

2020 - 2021

Shaun built his freelancing business from the ground up with one goal: Create immense value for his clients. Through expert consulting with Fortune 100 companies, governments, and community betterment organizations, he enabled leaders to confidently make decisions. He enabled them with Tableau development and mentoring and imparting his deep experience in the analytics space.


Visual Analytics

-Develop bespoke visualizations
-Create a comprehensive visual identity
-Union product development with business strategy

Data Processes

-Create tailored solutions to drive visual analytics
-Optimize solutions to decrease time to insight
-Document to build trust and ownership


-Partner with analyst to enhance development capability
-Inform business teams with data insights and applications
-Create content to perpetuate organization-wide transformation


Florida State University


Tableau Desktop


Alteryx Designer


Tableau Server




Analytics Strategy


Program Management








Work Samples

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"Shaun and his team have transformed raw data into engaging and dynamic visuals designed to encourage schools to identify and reflect where they may be losing students. Shaun's work is amazing and we are grateful every day for his partnership!"
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