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Two Worksheets on a Dashboard in Tableau

Gareth Branwyn
AuthorGareth Branwyn

In this episode of The Sensemaker’s Video Podcast, Jonathan Drummey, Keith Helfrich, and Robert Rouse begin their deep dive into different methods for customizing Tableau’s grand totals. Here, they use the simplest of methods: creating two worksheets where one is the detail sheet, the other is a totals sheet, and then placing both on a dashboard.

Show Notes and Reference Links:

Tableau Totals #2: Out of the Box totals and Subtotals

Tableau Totals #1: Intro to TOTAL() vs. WINDOW_ functions

Customizing Grand Totals, Part 1, Jonathan’s original blog post on Drawing with Numbers

Synchronizing scrolling:
How to Synchronize Scrolling in Tableau, Luke Stanke

Lindsey Betzendahl’s Viz Zen Data post

Synchronized Scrolling in Tableau, Flerlage Twins