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Let’s Discuss the Claims Made at Dataiku’s Everyday AI Conference

Gareth Branwyn
AuthorGareth Branwyn

We are thrilled to be announcing a new YouTube show from Action Analytics. Called Dataiku Delights, this series will usually cover tips, tricks, shortcuts, and other actionable discoveries about working with Dataiku. But for the first episode, we decided to try something different and fun.

Two of our Actionauts, Shaun Davis and Christine Carragee, went to Dataiku’s Everyday AI conferences in 2023. We thought it would be both enlightening and amusing to have them, joined by fellow Actionaut, Robert Rouse, go over some of the claims made at the conference, argue their merits, and then rate them. It’s our entertaining twist on tech talks.

For the rating system, we came up with a gadget we dubbed the Hype-o-Meter. It displays four levels of claim veracity, as judged by our panelist: Down to Earth, In the Clouds, Stratosphere, and Moon Shot.

In Part One of this special Dataiku Delights episode, Shaun, Robert, and Christine look at some of the claims made at the conference related to AI and its impact on the data industry in general.

Part Two, out soon, will look at claims made about Dataiku itself.